Our Second day (3 may 2017)

Are second day started with breakfast at the school cafeteria with the Dutch, then we got an introduction to the project. Before lunch we got a small tour of the schools dog stable by Tiina and we meet the schools horses. For lunch we eat some soup at Impilinna.
After lunch we meet the group MTE15 that study here at the school in Finland, and then they gave us a tour of the rest of the school. We got to see the schools greenhouses, cow house, horse stable and a dormitory where the “normal” students live.
After the tour we started our first lesson in the dog stable, we learned a little about some basic routines of dog keeping in a kennel. After the lesion we had dinner at the school cafeteria and a quiet evening

The first day in Finland (2 May 2017)

Are week started with a road trip from Grans (PiteĆ„, Sweden) at Tuesday morning to Kainuu vocational college in kajaani, Finland. We drove through Haparanda and stopped there for some Max food (A Swedish fast food restaurant). Because we are Swedes, of course we needed to take a quick stop at IKEA before be left home and stated are dog journey here in Finland. 
When we arrived at school here in Finland we were introduced to our accommodations and later had a lovely welcome dinner at the restaurant impilinna, and got a little tour in the house of the restaurant by Risto. The Dutch unfortunately missed that evening due to a plane delay. Hers some pictures from our day.
/Fredrik one of the sweds

PS: keep tuned in, if you want to see our other days here in Finland

Hey we are Katja and Elisa from Holland. We are in finland voor the Dog care pilot!
Tomorrow  our first week is over and we start our next week. Teusday evening we came here very late and went to bed. wednesday, thursday and friday we had dog lessons about for example illness and behavour about a dog. Also we learnt about body parts and different kinds of breed. Thursday evening we did horse riding, so much fun! Saterday we visited Kajaani city by bike and we also went in the sauna!
Sunday we walked in the forest and went to the supermarket, also we went to trotting races with the others.

Monday was our first day by vuokatti husky, we cleaned the kennels and fet the dogs. Beautifull dogs! Today we did a sled ride with a team of six dogs.

The dog pilot began in Finland

Four students from the Netherlands and Finland began their dog care pilot in Kajaani. During next three weeks they will tell with text and pictures what they have seen and learnt.

The first week they study at school and next two in a company.

About Ahene project

AHENEErasmus Plus – project offers new learning possibilities for students

AHENE stands for Animal Husbandry Exchanges in Northwest Europe. The aim of AHENE project is to investigate if we can organise exchanges of European students to follow their school lessons about Animal Husbandry abroad at one of the partner schools.
We offer eight learning modules of four weeks each to students from Wales, the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland that are our AHENE project countries. This is a 3-year pilot to see if what we are offering will be good practice for the future.
The 4-week AHENE modules all include two weeks of learning at school and two weeks of practical on-the-job learning. Everything is based on the ECVET principles i.e. learning outcomes obtained abroad will be assessed, validated and recognized. We are learning by doing and are quite enthusiastic about the student exchanges so far! Each partner has identified learning outcomes, knowledge, skills and competences for their two modules…