Our Second day (3 may 2017)

Are second day started with breakfast at the school cafeteria with the Dutch, then we got an introduction to the project. Before lunch we got a small tour of the schools dog stable by Tiina and we meet the schools horses. For lunch we eat some soup at Impilinna.
After lunch we meet the group MTE15 that study here at the school in Finland, and then they gave us a tour of the rest of the school. We got to see the schools greenhouses, cow house, horse stable and a dormitory where the “normal” students live.
After the tour we started our first lesson in the dog stable, we learned a little about some basic routines of dog keeping in a kennel. After the lesion we had dinner at the school cafeteria and a quiet evening

Our first lesson with one of the students in MTE15 how help us to wright and one of Tiinas butiful dogs
The schools calfs
One of the schools greeanhouses Foto: Emilia Gregersen

Introduction Foto: Mimmi Höök Andersson


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