The first day in Finland (2 May 2017)

Are week started with a road trip from Grans (Piteå, Sweden) at Tuesday morning to Kainuu vocational college in kajaani, Finland. We drove through Haparanda and stopped there for some Max food (A Swedish fast food restaurant). Because we are Swedes, of course we needed to take a quick stop at IKEA before be left home and stated are dog journey here in Finland. 
When we arrived at school here in Finland we were introduced to our accommodations and later had a lovely welcome dinner at the restaurant impilinna, and got a little tour in the house of the restaurant by Risto. The Dutch unfortunately missed that evening due to a plane delay. Hers some pictures from our day.
 /Fredrik one of the sweds

PS: keep tuned in, if you want to see our other days here in Finland

Here we are crosing the border

Not my pic, but still ikea!

One of the rooms. Foto:‎Mimmi Höök Andersson



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